Nevada Senate Republican Caucus

The Nevada Senate Republican Caucus is the legislative arm of Republicans serving in the Nevada Senate. The Caucus consists of 11 out of the 21 Nevada senators representing various parts of the state.

Battle Mission:

The Nevada Republican Caucus came to Battle Born Design in 2011. We were hired to create their branding and online presence. What Battle Born Design gave them amounted to be one of the largest projects in our history.  There were 10 senators and for each senator we built their very own website attached to the main website’s Legislator page. Each of the ten legislator websites were designed to meet the unique needs of the specific district and that of the specific legislator’s constituents. Each of the ten websites had a tourism section that featured the beauty of Nevada specific to the legislator’s district. Each of the ten websites contained a calendar of events, contact information for the legislator, a list of all legislation specific to the legislator, committees held by the legislator, and tailor-made banners specific to the goals of the legislator. And each of the ten websites featured a photograph taken of the specific district, photographed by Battle Born Design. We were busy!

The main Caucus website enjoyed similar features with the addition of a resource section that rivaled that of the State’s website!

And we repeated all of this for the Nevada Assembly Republican Caucus two years later! They had 17 legislators at the time!!


In 2015 the Nevada Senate Republican Caucus voted for a smaller website. And Battle Born Design was happy to tackle this much smaller project! And it turned out beautifully!

Check it out:

Since 2011, Battle Born Design has had the pleasure of serving both the Nevada Senate Republican Caucus and the Nevada Assembly Republican Caucus in a variety of ways. But we are most proud of the branding created. Thank you to both Caucuses! It’s been an honor to serve those who serve us!

Battle Weapons:

Graphic Design:

•    Logo
•    Stationary
•    Flyers & Mailers
•    Newspaper & Magazine Ads
•    Promotional Materials

Web Design:

•    Political Websites
•    eMail Blasts


•    Political Events
•    Fundraisers/Dinners
•    Marketing Materials

Special Projects:

•    Research & Analysis
•    Content Creation
•    Professional Editing
•    Product Branding/Re-Branding